Brendan Dawes

Analogue + Digital


Field Notes + Evernote

Without question my noteInput of choice are Field Notes from Draplin Design / Coudal Partners. I always have one of these handy little memo Input to hand to fill with all sorts of crap. My digital note taking takes the form of Evernote which I've found to be invaluable especially as it works on the web, on my Mac and on my iPhone.

Last weekend I decided to join the two together as a way of archiving my Field Notes and always having them to hand.

For each Field Note book I simply scanned (using the fab Vuescan) each double spread (they lie lovely and flat on the scanner) and then I named each one with FN followed by the book number and then the spread number. Then I made a new notebook in Evernote and dropped them in.

Here's the killer thing though. Evernote indexes handwritten notes and makes the text searchable. It's not perfect but it now means that my Field Notes archive is now searchable. It also means that they're always with me; on my iPhone, the web or on my desktop. It's great for just meandering through to jog the grey cells into action or to trigger a new idea from a note written long ago.